Local Communities and farmers to be engaged in locust control activities

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The Locust infestation which started swarming Cholistan in 2019 November and slowly spread to other parts of South Punjab was eradicated with collective efforts by both government and concerned authorities as field teams spent sleepless nights and were finally able to control the winter infestation within a span of 4 months.

However another infestation of the similar pattern is expected to hit the province which will be much bigger and will be dealt with the help from the community. PDMA has upgraded their app  and involved farmers and lambardars who also along with the Government and concerned authorities will be able to collectively survey the infestation by marking  locust presence on day to day basis. The farmers and lambardars across the province will be taught to make effective use of the app by concerned personnel.

The selected Farmers and lambardars will be put into a Mauza level committee by concerned assistant commissioners , the Mauza Level Locust control committee or MLLCC  members will use the app after training  and Mark reports accordingly. Once reports are marked and certified by patwari of each area , they will be submitted to the app every evening.
The concerned field assistant agriculture department will also certify the reports before they are submitted.

Assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners will be put in charge of monitoring the reports on PDMA’s locust surveillance dashboard.

Training of all MLLCC members will be completed by 9th June 2020 and lists will be send to PDMA.
Government and all concerned personnel have to work together to eradicate the infestation as the current infestation is a burden for farmers across the country and  farmers are the backbone of every nation.