A 10-year Health Sector Strategy has been planned by the PTI Govt in Punjab

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The Government has prepared a comprehensive 10-year Health Sector Strategy in view of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy chalks out a route for phase-wise plan in ten major areas of improvement in healthcare service delivery.

  • Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Health, Nutrition and Family Planning
  • Preventive Health Services for Communicable & Non-communicable Diseases.
  • Patient Safety & Quality of Care
  • Medicine & Bio-medical Equipment
  • Health Management Information System
  • Health Governance & Accountability
  • Human Resource for Health
  • Healthcare Financing in Public Private Partnership
  • Health Disaster Management & Emergency Management
  • One Health including Environmental Health

The strategy has outlined the path of health sector reforms while keeping the Sustainable Development Goals in focus. Although a new strategy may not change things overnight but with a list of identified deliverables, actions and areas, Punjab Health Department will be in a better position to reform healthcare service delivery.  
The 10-year Health Sector Strategy is a result of one year of hectic efforts, collaborations with relevant stakeholders and series of reviews and consultations. The strategy presents strategic framework for all key interventions and has been appreciated by professionals and experts worldwide.