Updates and initiatives taken by the department of Auqaaf

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  • Providing mobile Sims to all of the zonal officers so they can updated about their performance.
  • Donation Boxes at all of the locations/shrines will be opened only in the presence of divisional, zonal and district representatives.
  • Cash boxes will be computerized and an agreement with Chinese company Huawei has been signed.
  • All of the cash boxes will be monitored via online cameras.
  • All of the staff will be directed to mark their biometric attendance.
  • Monitoring teams will be paying continuous surprise visits.
  • Special Desk on Lahore airport will be established where foreigner pilgrims will be guided.
  • Plants will be installed where the water used for Wudhu will be recycled.
  • Geo-tagging of holy places will be done.
  • The grabbed-land of Auqaaf will be recovered.