Tertiary Care Hospitals’ Improvement

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A number of new initiatives have been introduced in tertiary care hospitals which include addition of new hospitals and facilities, upgradation and improvement of existing health facilities, improvement in quality of services and streamlining the healthcare service delivery through institutional reforms.

Human Resource: The addition of Human Resource remains a major intervention that has brought the noticeable improvement in service delivery. Over 4500 doctors including Senior Registrars and Professors have become part of the system besides hiring of nurses, paramedics and technical staff.

Referral System: The pilot of the Referral System has been launched in 2 Hospitals (Jinnah and Mayo) in Lahore. In order to address overcrowded hospitals where two to three patients are forced to share a bed creates serious discomfort for all health managers.
The Patient Referral System envisages development of direct online linkage system among healthcare facilities of key tiers. The Referral System is being introduced in areas around Tertiary Care Hospitals. As a pilot, the dispensaries and Filter Clinics in Jinnah Hospital zone are linked with it. The existing local dispensaries, Filter Clinics and Family Units in Jinnah Hospital zone are being renamed as Jinnah Satellite Filter Clinics and will provide treatment to population at their doorstep. For more serious patients, these Clinics will serve as referral platforms for the Tertiary Care services. On referral, the data of the patient will be updated at the respective Tertiary Care Hospital simultaneously. The patient will reach the Referral Desk of the respective Tertiary Care Hospital with specific color forms and bar codes that can be scanned and then will be admitted straightaway.

Mother and Child Health:  Mother and Child Health have remained seriously neglected area particularly in infrastructure. Punjab is far behind the Sustainable Development Goals targets thereby necessitating a revision in targets. The work on setting up of 5 new Mother and Child Hospitals (south preferred due to data on indicators) on emergency basis has been started. A special state-of-the-art 400-bedded Mother and Child Quaternary Hospital is being constructed at Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore. A dedicated Child Health University is also being developed at Children Hospital Lahore.

The following projects on Mother & Child Health have been started:

  • Setting up of 5 new Mother & Child Hospitals at Mianwali, Layyah, Attock, Rajanpur & Bahawalnagar (The districts scoring low on Mother and Child Health indicators)
  • University of Child Health at Children Hospital Lahore
  • Scaling up IRMNCH Program
  • Introduction of Pakistan’s largest School Health Program

400-bedded Mother and Child Quaternary Hospital at Ganga Ram Lahore

Mehman Khana: Mehman Khanas have been opened in the Tertiary Care hospitals where free food and shelter is provided to the attendants of patients in the hospital premises. The patients attendants used to spend nights out in the open, and had no place to sit and spend time. The government has tried to facilitate them during their stay in the hospitals.

Improvement and upgradation in existing facilities:

Regarding tertiary care healthcare facilities, the improvement work was started in 9 hospitals notable among these are: Nishtar-2 Multan, Children Hospital Bahawalpur, DG Khan Institute of Cardiology, Burn Center Bahawalpur and 5 Mother & Child Hospitals. 14 New nursing colleges are also going to be established in the province. Among other initiatives are Revamping of Emergencies at 12 Tertiary Hospitals, Surgical Tower at Jinnah Hospital Lahore, New blocks at DG Khan Teaching Hospitals, up gradation of DG Khan Medical College and Mehman Khana for Patients Attendants.