District and Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals have been revamped

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The provision of quality healthcare services in DHQ and THQ level hospitals to the populace has been the foremost priority of the Government of Punjab. The project of revamping District and Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals of Punjab is a defining step in improving secondary healthcare service delivery in Punjab.

The project has been carried out in two phases, under the phase 1 of this project, the revamping of 25 DHQ and 15 THQ hospitals is near completion while the remaining 85 THQ hospitals in Phase 2 are getting revamped at a fast pace with the cost of 3.2 billion.

The comprehensive project of revamping DHQ & THQ hospitals of Punjab consists of six major interventions including induction of fresh human resources, rehabilitation of physical infrastructure, supply of deficient equipment, use of latest technology, standardization of quality protocols and improvement of hospital processes.

As part of the revamping project, more than 6500 additional posts have been created which included Consultants, Emergency Medical Officers, Women Medical Officers, Nursing Staff, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Administration Officers. The hospital buildings have been upgraded along with establishment of new units.

Advanced and modern machinery has been installed in the hospitals to improve patient care. A wide range of medical & non-medical equipment has been installed in these hospitals.To modernize the hospital systems, information technology has been utilized. The sanitary, security, parking, electrical & mechanical services and laundry services have been outsourced to the private sector to improve standard and performance. The improvement in the standard and functioning of the THQ and DHQ Hospitals of Punjab has won accolades from renowned organizations like Punjab Healthcare Commission and International Standard Organization and a number of these hospitals have been awarded certificates for provision of high quality services.

Not only is this modernization and Upgradation project of hospitals a herald of high quality services for the people of Punjab but it is also an expression of the motto of the Government of Punjab that serving humanity is divine.