One Universty for Each District: 8 Started

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Education is Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s top most priority. With increasing demand of Universities from every district, PTI’s Punjab Govt announced to establish one university in each district of Punjab.

The universities in Divisional Headquarters will be  “Federating universities” and Universities in other Districts will be “District Universties”.

Universties announced so far:
1) Kohsar Universty Murree
2) Women University Rawalpindi
3) Gandhara Univerty Taxila
4) North Punjab Universty Chakwal
5) Thal Universty Bhakkar
6) Baba Guru Nanak Universty, Nankana
7) Mianwali Universt Mianwali
8) Dera Ghazi Khan Universty