National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Wheat

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  1. Specific Project Objectives:

“Enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in yield up to 7 mds/acre to reduce cost of production, ensure food security, export for surplus and retrieve area for oilseed and high value crops to minimize import bills on edible oil”.


  1. Financial cost of the project:

Total Cost of Project including Farmer Share = Rs. 16,518.870 Million

Govt. Share= Rs. 12,535.00 Million

Federal Share= Rs. 3,089.088 Million

Punjab Share = Rs. 9445.912 Million

Farmer share= Rs. 3983.867 Million

  1. Targets:
  • Seed Replacement by provision of 216,457 tons of certified wheat seed on subsidy for 4,329,140 acres.
  • Weed management on 70% area i.e. 4,793,400 hec
  • Provision of 259,832 tons of Gypsum to farmers on 50% subsidy for restoring 86,610 acre salt affected land.
  • Growing of Jantar in rice-wheat cropping system and incorporation into soil on 99,900 hec.
  • Provision of 4,007 Zero Tillage Drills, 6,680 Dry Sowing Drills, 2,374 Wattar Drills, 1187   Wheat Bed Planters & 1,487 Slashers.
  • Appreciation of best growers through yield competition and cash awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position holder at each district level in Punjab and cash awards for 1st 2nd 3rd position holder at Provincial level.
  • Laying of out of 25,000 Field demonstration on good agriculture practices with farmer days on 8333 sites.
  • Holding of 300 mega farmer gatherings at district level in Punjab.


Updated Progress:

Provision of certified wheat seed to farmers:

8 seed companies pre-qualified. 230,134 bags of certified wheat seed distributed to farmers through e-vouchers by PSC and other seed companies. Rs 1200/Bag

Provision of weedicide to farmers on subsidy:

19 weedicides companies pre-qualified and supply of weedicide with e-voucher to farmers is in progress. Rs. 250/acre subsidy is available to the farmers up to 5 acres

Supply of gypsum to farmer on subsidy :

21 firms/gypsum suppliers applied for pre-qualification. EOIs opened on 06.01.2020 and pre-qualification under process

Provision of agri implements to farmers on subsidy:

21 companies applied for pre-qualification. 15 companies recommended for pre-qualification. Award letters issued to companies. Scrutiny for eligible applicants farmers held on 25-1-2020 and balloting for winner farmers will be held on 3-02-2020

Holding of Mega Farmers gathering:

30 Mega Gathering have been held and remaining 30 are in progress

Laying out demonstration plots:

The d-plots have been laid out @ 1 plot per UC on selected sites of winner farmers

Appreciation of best growers:

The application received from farmers for wheat yield competition.

Status of funds release:

The funds released by FD and available online. The opening of SD Account allowed by FD and request for advance drawl sent to FD. The funds sent to districts are under utilization

Target of sowing. 16.2 Million acres. Sowing completed. Target achieved.Production 19.6 Million tons. Last year 18.3 Million tons