National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Sugarcane

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Gestation Period

5 Years (2019-20 to 2023-24)

Cost of the Project

Rs, 2726.955 Million (Government Share = 2048.930 Million Federal share = 265.030 Million Punjab share Rs. 1783.900 Million and Farmer share Rs. 678.025 Million)


13 main Sugarcane growing districts in the Punjab. Sargodha, Bhakkar, Faislabad, T.T.Singh, Jhang, Chiniot, M. B. Din, Kasur, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Rajanpur, Bhawalpur and R. Y. Khan

Specific Project Objectives:

“Enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in yield of Sugarcane up to 200 mds/acre to reduce cost of production, ensure food security, export for surplus and retrieve area for oilseed and high value crops to minimize import bills on edible oil”.



  1. Targets:
  • Distribution of 2,291 Chisel plough, 1,142 Early hill-up implements /Special Sugarcane Ridger, 450 Sugarcane Planter and 1142 Granular Pesticide Applicator on 50 % cost sharing basis.
  • Demonstration of GAP (Weed/Pest Management & Nutrient Management) at 2960 sites.
  • Holding of 270 Mega Farmer Gatherings.
  • Holding of 986 Farmer Days.
  • Appreciation of 168 Best Growers at District and Provincial level.
  • Provision of micronutrients (Zinc sulphate) for 297,010 acres on 50% cost sharing basis.
  • Provision of subsidy for Intercropping & September planting for 13,000 acres.
  • Strengthening of Bio Labs. by development of IPM techniques (1,012,500 Bio-agent cards)

Updated Progress:

Provision of agriculture implements/machinery on subsidy :

16 Implements/Machinery manufacturing/importing firms have been pre-qualified and award letters have issued . Scrutiny of applications receive from farmers is under process. Balloting will be held on 04-02-2020.

Establishment of Demonstration Plots:

Applications for laying out of Demo plots have been scrutinized and balloting for successful applicants has been completed.

D-plots will be laid out from February to March

Provision of micro nutrient to farmers on subsidy:

Advertisement regarding request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Zinc Sulphate manufacturers / suppliers / importers was published in Newspapers on 07-12-2019.

EOI  of 04 Firms received, scrutinized and shortfalls conveyed.

Holding of Mega Farmer Gatherings:

The tentative schedule for holding of Mega Farmer Gatherings have been made and will start from first week of February, 2020

Release of funds:

Request for opening of SDA has been sent to Finance Department

ADP funds amounting to Rs. 189.839 have been released by Finance Department.

PSDP funds amounting to Rs. 32.860 Million have been released by Federal Government and request has been made to Finance Department for its release by Agri. Department

Recruitment of staff

The recruitment of PMU staff is under process with agriculture department.