National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Rice

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Specific Project Objectives:

“Enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in yield up to increase paddy yield by 10 maund (Basmati) & 20 maund (Coarse varieties) to reduce cost of production, ensure food security, export for surplus and retrieve area for oilseed and high value crops to minimize import bills on edible oil”.


  1. Promotion of mechanization on 50% cost sharing basis
  1. Walk-after type Transplanter (250 Nos.)
  2. Nursery Raising Machine (450 Nos.)
  3. Direct Seeding Rice Drill (900 Nos.)
  4. Water Tight Rotavator (800 Nos.)
  5. Rice Straw Chopper and/or Disc Plow/MB Plow (750 Nos.)
  6. Knapsack Power Sprayer (2450 Nos.)  
  1. Seed replacement to reach up to 80% (229,285 maunds) @ 50% cost sharing.   
  2. Weedicide coverage up to 20% (725,200 acres) @ 30% cost sharing basis.         
  3. Demonstration of mechanical transplanting technology, correct weedicide usage, optimum plant population, balanced use of fertilizers etc (3625 No.). 
  4. Mega Farmer Gatherings by Federal & Punjab Govt. Mass Mobilization through Print and Electronic Media.
  5. Appreciation of best rice growers (48/year farmers) through District level to National best growers & ceremonies.
  6. Provision of Micronutrients through E-vouchers @ 50% subsidy (181,300 acres coverage).
  7. Subsidy @ Rs.1500/acre on rental services for specific paddy harvesters on 453,518 acres coverage.

Prequalification of Rice Seed companies

Rice varieties identified/finalized by the committee.

Evaluation of received EOIs is under process.

Prequalification of Agriculture Machinery / Implements Manufacturers:

  • 28 firms applied for prequalification regarding local and imported implements/machinery.
  • 15 are recommended for local implements by pre-qualification committee and 8 for imported implements/machinery.
  • The scrutiny of applications from farmers is under process for balloting.
  • Contract agreement has been finalized.

Prequalification of Weedicides & Micronutrients suppliers:

Weedicide and micro nutrient have been finalized by the committee. EOI document finalized and advertised. Evaluation of EOI is in process

Hiring of Consultant firm:

Hiring of Consultant firm is under process.

Awareness Plan:

Awareness campaign has launched.

Recruitment of Project staff:

Recruitment of project implementation unit staff under process with Agriculture Department.

Release of Funds

The funds (ADP share) for 1st half of 2019-20 has been released by FD and audit copy has been submitted to Agri. Deptt.