Research and promotion of medicinal plants in Punjab (approved)

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  1. Total Cost of the project = Rs. 62.905 million
  2. Allocation for the year 2019-20= Rs.13.831 million
  3. Gestation Period= 01.7.2019 to 30.06.2022
  4. Execution of the project Agriculture Extension and Agriculture Research
  • Director of Agriculture (Horticulture) Extension Punjab Lahore
  • Director of Agronomy AARI, Faisalabad
  1. Name of the Medicinal Plants:-

Saunf, Kalwanji, Isbaghol, Tulsi, Ajwaine, Alsi, Neem & Moringa

  1. Objectives:

               The specific objective of the project is to promote the cultivation of the medicinal plants in the conducive growing areas by laying out of demonstration and capacity building of grower to enhance the productivity and profitability of the growers and by making buy back contracts among the herbal industry and grower for purchase of produce of targeted crops on competitive rates.

  1. Targets:
  • Survey and identification of areas / zones for growing of medicinal plants
  • Formation of 6 Cluster for growing of medicinal plants.
  • Capacity building of growers through 576 Farmer Training Programs,180 Farmer Days and 18 seminar.
  • Demonstration of approved technology package through 180 demos.
  1. Activities of the Project for the Year 2019-20.

      Agriculture Extension

  1. Survey of areas/zones for growing of medicinal plants on larger scale
  2. Constitution of technical committee to identify the zone, prepare the best practices and action plan for each medicinal plant
  3. Preparation of farmer cluster for each crop
  4. Capacity building/training of growers, Seminar/Workshops.
  5. Involvement of Private Sector for making buy back contracts for purchase of targeted medicinal plants
  6. Awareness campaign

       Agriculture Research

  1. Collection/purchase of germplasm from local markets or imported
  2. Screening of germplasm at Faisalabad
  3. Zonal trials of medicinal plants (Saunf at Pakpattan, Kalonji at Khanewal, Isbagol at Bahawalpur, Tulsi at Faisalabad, Ajwaine at Karor and Alsi at Farooqabad.
  4. Training of extension staff
  5. Project Report writing