52 Major Developments of public interest of PTI Govt in Punjab

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  1. Sehat Insaf Card for more than 35 million people
  2. Panah Gahs in Lahore and other divisions
  3. Ehsaas program, Humqadam for differently abled, Baa Himmat Bazurg for elderly, Sila E Fun for artists and “Masawaat” for transgender community.
  4. Naya Pakistan Scheme started in Lodhraan, Chistiaan and Renala Khord
  5. Plantation in Punjab under Clean Green Pakistan
  6. Aab Pak Authority for clean water.
  7. Agri-Credit System for Farmers
  8. Increased prices for sugarcane and wheat to help the farmers 
  9. Kisaan Counters to help the farmers in selling their products.
  10. People can now stay in the govt rest houses.
  11. Initiating Hunarmand Jawan and training 150,000 Youngsters
  12. 1500 Kilometers road constructions under “Naya Pakistan Manzilain”
  13. Starting Insaf Afternoon School
  14. 10800 schools converted to Solar Energy
  15. Small Dams in Koh E Suleman and other parts of the province
  16. Jalalpur Canal and other projects of Canals
  17. The target of water provision to the tails of canals for 10 years
  18. 10 New Special Economic Zones in Punjab
  19. Allama Iqbal Industrial Zon on 4000 Acres
  20. 22000 Acres of land provision to Chinese companies to set up industries
  21. Punjab Growth Strategy 2023 was finalized.
  22. For the first time, 13 roads have been built under public-private partnership
  23. Complaint App from Anti-Corruption Establishment
  24. Major improvement in tax collection and online tax collection
  25. Punjab Local Govt Act and Punjab Village Punhchayat and Neighborhood Council
  26. 900,000 Kanaal of land was recovered under the operation against encroachments
  27. Punjab Cities program with a partnership with world bank (20 million dollars)
  28. E-Tendering for transparency in Govt-purchasing
  29. Improvements in the Jails
  30. Prisoners with small crimes were freed after the Govt paid their fines
  31. More cameras were installed in order to improve the performance of police
  32. Police Khidmat Maraakiz was expanded
  33. Geo tagging for Mosques and Madrassas for their safety
  34. 14 New buses for special education schools
  35. 656 schemes for clean water were restored with a cost of 330  million PKR
  36. Zig-Zag technology was introduced in order to curb the smog.
  37. The funds of South Punjab won’t be able to transfer to any other area.
  38. 25000 new hiring including doctors in Health Department.
  39. Added 9000 new beds to the existing hospitals
  40. 9 New hospitals including 5 Mother and Child Hospitals have been started
  41. 194 Rural health units were made 24/7
  42. 16 mega projects with a cost of 13  billion PKR were completed in the health department
  43. Decision to establish a university in every district of Punjab
  44. 7 New Universities have been approved/work started
  45. 4 Institutes and 4 technical universities planned.
  46. Appointing the vice chancellors of 15 universities on merit
  47. 43 new colleges were started
  48. 5000 Inter-Trainee teachers were hired
  49. Multiple institutions including University of Engineering and Technology were converted to solar energy.
  50. “New Educational Policy New Deal” was started
  51. E transfer system for teachers
  52. Project of constructing 2800+ classrooms across the schools of Punjab