Punjab’s Health System with fresh 26,000 work force

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In order to create a visible impact in the healthcare service delivery, the Government has increased number and quality of human resource in the hospitals. The Department was short of around 50% doctors, nurses and paramedics a year back which clearly explain the reason for the poor state of affairs.


In the last one year, 26000 new hirings have been made in the Health Department.  Over 14992 Doctors, 4937 Paramedics, 4889 Nurses, 462 Senior Registrars and 440 Pharmacists have been added to the system to improve healthcare service delivery.

It is for the first time that 93% of BHUs have doctors available at the posts. Similarly RHCs, THQs, DHQs and Tertiary Care Hospitals have got their vacant posts of doctors and paramedical staff filled, resulting in quality treatment and improved patient care. The hiring of another 10,900 staff is in process including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

Another major roadblock was the shortage of Anesthetists, as major surgeries depend on them. The availability of Anesthetists in hospitals has been ensured through training programs, new hiring and rotation arrangements.


Promotions were another neglected area requiring immediate attention. As many as 1673 promotions have been made and the process has been expedited so that unnecessary delays are avoided. Furthermore, handsome salary incentives for doctors have been introduce to motivate and encourage doctors. An online Facility for Transfers and posting is also being developed to facilitate the doctor community and improve healthcare service delivery.