New Curriculum and Textbooks

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Tagline of PTI Govt’s Education Reforms is “Apna Muqam Paida Kar”.
This is only possible if we have a new curriculum based on the concept of  equipping students with knowledge and skills to cope with the challenges in the future, but also in aligning curricula with the needs of the modern world.

Curriculum should aim to help students to learn, cultivate positive values, and a commitment to life-long learning.  Keeping all of this in view, textbooks of all school levels are being revised to include the content that caters for students’ diverse needs.

Textbook revision supports a learner-focused curriculum containing core elements of the subject, and encouraging students to actively engage and involve themselves in the learning process. The objective is to develop conceptual understanding of the knowledge and ability to apply it to the solution of problems in practical life.

New curriculum will be applicable from the next academic year (AY 2021-22).